How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

self-publishing for indie authors


If you want to sell ebooks, this is the book with everything you need.

Thousands of authors have already been helped by the guide. Or take the Video Course.

you can sell books from these retailers and more:



choose to self-publish for smart reasons:

  • no waiting on agents and publishers
  • total control over projects
  • higher royalties, usually 70% to 90%
  • ebooks fastest growing industry
  • environmentally friendly
  • no cost to you

everything is available online

  • convert formats (ePub, mobi, PDF)
  • have a blog and website
  • use social media - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube
  • design covers
  • sell ebooks with PayPal or shopping cart that runs on auto-pilot
  • use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank higher with Google
  • increase your author presence
connect with readers all over the world
I've worked with authors all over the planet and have loads of information to share. Anyone can connect with a global audience. Some authors do it better than others and are more likely to succeed. This book and video teaches how to self-publish wisely.

Benefit from my experience. And for the bold authors who self-publish, this is a tough business that takes persistence to make it. Don't believe anyone who says this is easy because it's not. However, these tips will empower you to succeed in an ebook business while taking no risk and spending nothing but time.


if you're ready to publish at these retailers and more... 



the book and video course will save you time, money and energy











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